What is the history of apartheid?

What is the history of apartheid?
Abigail Apr-27-2023 12:30:40
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The history of apartheid in South Africa can be traced back to 1948 when the National Party was elected to power and implemented an official policy of racial segregation. This policy was based on the principle of separate development plans (separate development plans for each racial group) and entailed the complete separation of the white minority from the majority of black and coloured people. The aim of the policy was to ensure the political, financial, and social dominance of the minority white population. The South African government forcibly moved people of Color to so-called "homelands" and deprived them of political rights including the right to vote. Numerous laws kept people of Color from owning land or even living in certain areas, and they were routinely subjected to humiliation, discrimination and violence. Black South Africans were also denied access to quality education and the right to work in skilled professions. Apartheid finally ended in 1994, when democratically elected leader Nelson Mandela was inaugurated and the first all-race elections were held in South Africa. Since then, immense progress has been made to build a more equitable society and bridge the divide between people of different races.
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answered 22 Aug 2023

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