What is the difference between a conductor and an insulator?

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A conductor is a material that allows electric charge to flow through it easily, while an insulator is a material that does not allow electric charge to flow through it easily.

Conductors are usually metals such as copper, aluminum, gold, or silver, but they can also be non-metallic materials such as graphite or saltwater. In a conductor, the electrons are loosely bound to the atoms and can move freely in response to an electric field.

Insulators, on the other hand, are materials that do not allow electric charge to flow easily. They are often used to protect people and equipment from electric shocks. Examples of insulators include rubber, glass, plastic, and air. In an insulator, the electrons are tightly bound to the atoms and cannot move freely.

The difference between conductors and insulators is important in many applications of electricity, including the design of electronic circuits, power transmission, and the insulation of electrical cables.

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answered 30 Apr 2023
The main difference between a conductor and an insulator is their ability to conduct electricity. A conductor is any material that allows electrons to flow through it, such as metals like copper or aluminum. An insulator is a material that inhibits the flow of electrons and is usually made of rubber or plastic. Conductors can be used in electrical circuits to transmit or carry electricity, while insulators can be used to protect the circuit from electrical shocks or to prevent short circuits.
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answered 22 Aug 2023

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