Write a php script to scrap blog content from feed

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Certainly, here's a simple PHP script that uses the SimpleXML extension to scrape blog content from an RSS or Atom feed:



// Specify the URL of the RSS or Atom feed you want to scrape

$feedUrl = 'https://example.com/blog/feed';

// Fetch the feed content

$feedContent = file_get_contents($feedUrl);

if ($feedContent) {

    // Parse the feed using SimpleXML

    $feed = simplexml_load_string($feedContent);

    if ($feed) {

        // Loop through the feed items

        foreach ($feed->channel->item as $item) {

            // Extract relevant information, e.g., title, link, description

            $title = (string)$item->title;

            $link = (string)$item->link;

            $description = (string)$item->description;

            // You can output or store this information as needed

            echo "Title: $title<br>";

            echo "Link: $link<br>";

            echo "Description: $description<br>";

            echo "<hr>";


    } else {

        echo "Failed to parse the feed.";


} else {

    echo "Failed to fetch the feed content.";




Replace `$feedUrl` with the URL of the RSS or Atom feed you want to scrape. This script fetches the feed, parses it using SimpleXML, and extracts information from each feed item, such as title, link, and description. You can modify it to suit your specific needs.

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answered 29 Oct 2023

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